Bali Ancient Aga Trek

This enjoyable tour will allow you to experience the simple lifestyle and meet the characters of the Balinese countryside, trek through lush jungle, taste organic raw honey & finish at one of the oldest villages in the island: Tenganan, the land of the ancient Bali Aga people. It is the perfect opportunity for breath-taking photos and stunning views.

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Canyoning + Aga Trekking Combo

Combine an adventurous canyoning experience with a trek that is sure to fill your spirit! Go canyoning in one day and trekking on the other. Your Bali holidays will surely be memorable when you join Adventure & Spirit’s tours!

Enjoy our Kalimudah or Kerenkali canyons and choose the date you’d like to go trekking in Bali Aga country.

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Arjuna Gorge Walk

Arjuna Gorge is Bali’s most amazing gorge walk and river tracing tour; a fantastic opportunity to see, hear and feel one of the last remaining untouched areas of Bali. You will trace the clean rivers that run through the gorge & feel the spiritual vibe of the lush surrounding jungle. You will be immersed in the breath-taking Great Green Wall section followed by the majestic 80m-high Arjuna Waterfall. Exclusive to Adventure & Spirit

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