ICOpro Trainer (ICTC/TR)

ICOpro Trainer (ICTC/TR)

Do you have the ambition to teach canyoning at a high level?

Do you believe you should dedicate your life to teaching?

You dream about traveling and living your passion every day?

Do you want to become a member of the ICOpro Team?

Then, the ICOpro Trainer training course will fulfill all your expectations.


Course Overview

Forget all what you think about canyoning. This is the ultimate training course for those who are serious about their personal and professional development. With 100% of the time dedicated to the pedagogy and psychology of teaching, the ICTC/TR will not only change the way you think about canyoning, but also the way you experience your own life.

We are not measuring words here: the ICOpro Trainer is a one-of-a-kind course in the canyoning world. No other organization offers the content that the Trainer receives. For this reason, the pre-requisites are high and your registration is subject to a pre-training-course interview to learn about your ambitions and objectives.

Sounds like you? Then read on.


ICOpro Trainer course content


18 days

  • Pre-training course e-learning:          4 days
  • Instructor Lvl 3 Training Course:      14 days
  • Have validated ICOpro Instructor Level 2 minimum.
  • Have a minimum validated 250 CAI.
  • Pass succesfully the Pre-ICTC/CA1-2-3 Observatory Interview.
  • Have completed the ICTC/CA1-2-3 Observatory course.
  • Pass successfully the Post-ICTC/CA1-2-3 Observatory Interview.
  • Participated in the ICOpro Trainer webinar before sign up.
  • Have completed the ICOpro Trainer E-learning pre-training course.
  • Be in a good mental and physical condition.
  • Mastering ALL Canyoneer Lvl. 1-2-3 techniques
  • Have a valid first-aid certificate issued less than twelve months prior to the training course.

Upon completion of the ICTC/TR, the candidate will have all the required pedagogical and psychological skills to teach an ICTC/CA1-2-3 and validate successful ICOpro Canyoneer level 1-2-3 participants.


The training consists in 6 technical and theoretical teaching modules, including analyzing exercise and evaluation (P.A.R), aptitude memory exercise (Feedback) that will be carried-out during the training and 4 Clinic Days of revision and regulation.

  • Module 1: Learning optimizations and ICOpro Procedures
  • Module 2: Business – Psychology
  • Module 3: Pedagogy
  • Module 4: ICTC/CA123 Feedback – Theory test
  • Module 5: TR Pedagogical test
  • Module 6: Closing of the ICTC TR
  • Regulation 1: ICTC/CA1
  • Regulation 2: ICTC/CA2
  • Regulation 3:ICTC/CA3
  • Regulation 4: Pedagogy
  • Regulation 5: Clinic session management
  • Entry test 1:        Pre-ICTC/CA1-2-3 Observatory Interview
  • Entry test 2:        Post-ICTC/CA1-2-3 Observatory Interview
  • Behaviour test:   Daily proffesional behaviour assessment
  • Theory test:        TR General: 150 questions
  • Final test:           TR Pedagogy

Advantages of being a certified Trainer

Become independent and make a solid living out of your canyoning career! Become a Trainer!

ICOpro Trainer course content