ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation (ICTC/CAI)

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Course Overview

The ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation (CAI) training course provides the basis for all canyoning practice. This standard course is taught in every single ICOpro affiliated center worldwide, and is included in every Adventure & Spirit canyoning tour. It provides you with basic knowledge about the techniques used to progress in a canyon: you will learn & practice how to rappel (abseil) waterfalls, how to jump and/or slide in deep natural pools, basic team work skills, in-canyon communication, all of which while having a lot of fun in the outdoors!

The ICOpro CAI is the perfect way to experience canyoning for the first time. This short course is the most complete safety briefing for beginners. After learning, you will practice the newly-acquired skills all under the supervision of a qualified ICOpro Instructor level 1 or above. Once you complete the ICOpro CAI course, you will be certified and become a member of the biggest canyoning organization in the world (ICOpro). You will be able to participate on the ICOpro Canyoneer 1-2-3 training course, the next step of progression.

Already an ICOpro CAI? Present your ICOpro Canyoneer Card and receive 15% off your next canyoning trip with Adventure & Spirit! Valid for direct bookings only.

ICOpro Canyoneer 1-2-3 (ICTC/CA123)

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Course Overview

The ICOpro CA123 course is a 8-days program that has been designed to provide you with all the required skills to organize a non-professional canyoning tour. It provides you with the knowledge of basic canyoning techniques required to descend canyons defined as moderate risk (according to the ICOpro canyon rating system).

This training course focuses on establishing a solid basis for canyoning practice. It allows you to descend moderate risk canyons (V3.A3.II) around the world without the need of supervision from a professional. ICOpro’s unique teaching method will provide you not only with the most up-to-date canyoning skills but also with the necessary analytical resources to safely practice canyoning. The ICOpro Canyoneer 1-2-3 is the perfect program to learn canyoning!

You will receive training from a certified ICOpro Trainer, who will share his knowledge and experience with you during the technical workshops and experimental clinic sessions. The program is divided into 3 separate modules (CA1, CA2 and CA3), providing valuable knowledge about rope progression skills, basic rescue procedures, white water skills, hydrology, topography, meteorology and more.

It is the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, explore different countries and become an active member of the global ICOpro canyoning community! Learn with the professionals and practice canyoning in complete safety and autonomy!