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ICOpro Assistant Instructor (ICTC/AIN)

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Course Overview

The ICOpro Assistant Instructor (AIN) training course is the first step in ICOpro’s professional framework. This 12-day course (2 days E-Learning / 10 days practical) is ICOpro’s most technical course with 80% of the content focused on advanced canyoning techniques, including valuable rescue and set-up optimization skills. The objective of the AIN course is to provide you with knowledge and confidence so you can assist an ICOpro Instructor during the Canyoneer Initiation trainings, and to be able to have sufficient technical abilities to supervise a group in case of a rescue scenario.

In addition to technical know-how, you will receive initial knowledge on psychology and pedagogy involved in teaching canyoning. This is the core of ICOpro’s teaching program. You will not only become a skilled technician, but also begin to analyze and develop your interpersonal & professional skills.

This training course is available for anyone that successfully completes the ICOpro Canyoneer 1-2-3 course and will definitely step-up your confidence and analytical thinking when it comes to canyoning! Don’t miss out!

ICOpro Instructor Level 1 (ICTC/IN1)

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Course Overview

The ICOpro Instructor 1 certification is one of the most sought-after for canyoning professionals worldwide. As an ICOpro Instructor 1, you are able to competently lead the ICOpro Canyoning Initiation courses, as well as learning the right skills to manage an ICOpro Affiliated center as a Head Managing Instructor. With strong focus on the pedagogical and psychological aspect of the activity, the ICTC/IN1 will also increase your analytical awareness, which will certainly change your way of teaching and guiding.

The ICOpro IN1 course also allows you to work as an ICOpro Independent Affiliated Instructor worldwide. Work with your passion anywhere in the world!

This course will immerse you into the professional framework of the canyoning world. Become a pro! Become an ICOpro Instructor!

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ICOpro Instructor Level 2 (ICTC/IN2)

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Course Overview

After completing your ICOpro Instructor Level 1 certification, you will be able to gain valuable work experience in an affiliated ICOpro center worldwide. By consequence, you will be able to upgrade your status to Instructor Level 2 by participating on an online course and successfully sitting a theory test.

This training course aims at increasing the psychological and pedagogical knowledge of the Instructor in order to allow for participation on the ICOpro Trainer training course.

Canyoneer Photographer

ICOpro Canyoneer Photographer (ICTC/CAPH)

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Course Overview

The ICTC Canyoneer Photographer is an ICOpro professional-level training course. It is the first and only dedicated canyoning photography training course in the world! You will acquire photography-specific skills as well as learn additional canyoning techniques. You will also learn about the psychological and behavioral aspect of commercial canyoning photography, allowing you to start a career as a professional canyoning photographer. Establish a photography operation in affiliated ICOpro centers worldwide or work as a freelancer photographer anywhere in the world!

This 5-day practical training course will increase the confidence on your canyoning abilities and also provide you with specific knowledge about photography in the canyons. It also provides up-to-date content on the business and marketing aspects of canyoning photography. This holistic approach is essential for you photography career progression and development.

You will be trained by an ICOpro Instructor Photographer. You will get certified at the end of the course as Professional Canyoneer Photographer.