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ICOpro’s recreational training courses are designed with the occasional participant in mind. Start with the 1-day ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation and learn the basics of the activity and prepare yourself to become an independent Canyoneer with the ICOpro Canyoneer 1-2-3 course, an 8-day program with rich content on the basics of the activity and the most up-to-date techniques. Upon completion, you will be certified by your ICOpro Trainer and have the necessary skills to descend “moderate risk canyons”. 

Learn canyoning from qualified professionals and count on the industry’s leading standards.

Find out more about our current course schedule here.

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ICOpro Professional training courses allow you to reach a high technical level and develop your teaching skills in order to promote the ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation (CAI) and safely lead canyoning tours in affiliated ICOpro centers worldwide.

Start with the ICOpro Assistant Instructor training course (80% technical, 20% psychology/pedagogy) and begin your path in the canyoning industry; with experience, you can access the ICOpro Instructor Level 1 training course (80% pedagogy/psychology, 20% technical), the first step to have a successful career with canyoning.

All professional courses are taught by an ICOpro Senior Trainer or above. Click “Learn More’ to find out details about the courses.

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By joining our ICOpro Career training courses, you will be able to teach canyoning around the world. More than techniques, ICOpro is the holistic school of canyoning. Join the ICOpro Team and work on the development of canyoning worldwide.

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