Canyon of Fire 

Combos & Hot Deals
Location : Wanagiri, North Bali
Canyon Trip Category : Canyoning Trips Legendary
Level Canyoning : (Advanced)
Physical Condition : (Athlete)
Canyoning Trip Duration : 1.5 days / overnight
x25up to 50m
up to 4m
up to 6m
up to 50m
18yo +


Minimum number of participants : 1
Maximum number of participants : 4
Number of instructor and assistant : 2
Tour duration : 1.5 day / overnight
ICOpro CAI training course : 30 min
Approach hike : 90 min
Descent canyon : 8 – 10 hrs
Return hike : 15 min


Forget about all other adventures you had. This canyon trip is THE most epic adventure in Bali. The Canyon of Fire is an experience like no other. You will become part of a true expedition where problem-solving, building new anchors and excellent team-work will all be required. Also known as Tukad Api (Balinese for Canyon of Fire), it is Indonesia’s Legendary canyon, only descended a handful of times. Will you be the next?

Canyon of Fire Tour Overview

We will go through half day of ICOpro CAI training and expedition preparation. You will receive your personal canyoning equipment suited for the descent. We will then move to Desa Wanagiri in North Bali, spending a night in a mountain shelter. The next day requires an early start before sunrise. Then, it’s 1h30 of pure jungle trekking to reach the canyon entry point. We will divide the collective equipment and start the descent. The Canyon Of Fire requires perfect teamwork and a great deal of time will be spent setting up new anchors and finding the most efficient and safe way down. Progression must be constant and every move is calculated. There is no escape way for 9-10 hours straight. Your fitness level (and mental strength) will be pushed to the limit! This is a tour for experienced canyoneers and those very confident on their outdoor skills.



Ps required
  • Be in very good physical condition, good health and able to swim 50m
  • Previous canyoning experience is desired but not required
We Provide
  • Free return transfer from your accommodation, anywhere in Bali
  • Light breakfast at our basecamp
  • Tasty lunch, H2O
  • On-trip lunch
  • Full canyoning equipment (helmets, shoes, socks, wetsuits, canyoning harness and gloves >> optional)
  • Clean towel for a shower after trip
  • ICOpro Canyoneer Initiation certificate
  • Insurance up to US$ 25,000/pax
  • Videos available on demand (extra fee applicable)
You Bring
  • Swimwear
  • Change of clothes for after the trip
  • Waterproof camera if desired (i.e. GoPro)
  • USB stick or SD card to save your free photos (available for purchase on-site)
  • PAYMENT VOUCHER, CASH, CREDIT CARD (3% transaction fee applicable)
  • A big passion for ADVENTURE and FULL SPIRIT!
  • Each participant is required to provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg), and SHOE SIZE at the time of booking.