About Us



In Adventure & Spirit, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with our what we love: canyoning and the outdoors. Since 2009, we are Bali’s Canyoning Team & Indonesia’s leaders in canyoning tours, exploration and training courses. We are based in magical Bali, the mythical Island of the Gods.

The essential element of life – water – is always present in the canyons and valleys we venture into, continuously carving its way and shaping the landscape for millions of years. Every canyon has specific characteristics, their own nature. They are unique & special, just like each one of us humans.

A descent through a canyon is a journey in time, but also a journey into our own selfs. We explore the hidden treasures of their nature just like we explore our own identity.


“We are charmed by the beauty, scared by the challenges, living every moment. We are focused on the present, enjoying the journey and not thinking about the destination.”


When we go canyoning, we can experience some of the most beautiful and most memorable moments of our lives. Our attitudes and behavior when we are inside of a canyon will determine how we will remember these experiences. When you go canyoning, you learn to both challenge and respect your own limits. Ultimately, you are the one taking responsibility for your own actions. Every experience is an opportunity to grow and learn: the more we experience, the more we grow as individuals.

Come and join us!


Our Canyoning Code of Ethics

We take client safety as top priority.

We respect the natural environments where we venture into.

We respect the culture of the communities where we venture into.

We constantly pursue the well-being of our employees, clients and communities in which we are involved.

We actively pursue alternatives that reduce waste and preserve the environment.

We promote fun and enjoyable experiences to our guests.


Our Environmental Responsibility Actions:

From August 1st, 2018, in partnership with our local suppliers, we are only serving vegetarian/vegan meals to clients participating on our tours. According to the latest global environmental impact studies, farming of animals is one of the major contributors to environmental issues like greenhouse gas emissions, fresh water consumption, pollution of waterways, deforestation… the list goes on. In addition, animal welfare is a major concern which Adventure & Spirit also wants to address with this initiative.

From October 2018, we have stopped providing disposable plastic water bottles for clients; instead, we are now offering free and unlimited mineral water refills at our Base Camp. Clients are supplied with a returnable water bottle, which is also available for purchase on-site for a symbolic fee of Rp. 50.000. Alternatively, clients can bring their own refillable water bottle (as long as it’s not glass). This initiative alone represents 4,000 less plastic bottles in the environment per year!

Other initiatives to increase awareness of the local communities about waste reduction and management are currently being developed.