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The Dangers to do Canyoning in Bali and Indonesia

Posted on 2016/12/09

Canyoning in Bali is an amazing experience that you can do during your holiday and it will bring you to some hidden places that nobody can see.  This canyoning experience is going to be the most amazing experience in your life. But you have to be aware of the danger of canyoning which you have to be taken care of before you start the trip. ICOpro is The International Canyoning Organization for Professional just like PADI or SSI for diving or IKO for kite surfing. You have to be sure the center you will choose in Bali and In Indonesia for canyoning is affiliated with ICOpro.



In this way you will have a canyoning trip with a qualified and certified ICOpro instructor & assistant. Only the ICOpro instructor and assistant are willing to offer you a canyoning descent in 100% safe condition, your life will be in their hands, make sure you do canyoning trip with ICOpro instructor & assistant in Indonesia. Go to ICOpro website to check:

Legal ICOpro assistant In Indonesia,

Legal ICOpro Instructor lvl 1 In Indonesia,

Legal ICOpro Instructor lvl 2 In Indonesia,

Legal ICOpro Instructor lvl 3 In Indonesia,

Legal ICOpro Center In Indonesia

Another thing that you should be aware with doing canyoning in Bali and Indoneaia is about the rescue which is very important too. There is no institution that know how to resque in Bali’s canyon or Indonesia. Adventure & Spirit has built the canyoning in Indonesia with ICOpro and you can be very sure the team can help you in case of rescue.


One more thing that could make your trip become really dangerous is if you are not aware of the correct equipment. You should have a correct shoes for canyoning. In the canyon, because everything is very slippery, you need a shoes that can protect your ankle and protect your way with no zip and slip. Do not accept other shoes except 5.10, Etche or Adidas shoes special for canyoning. It is very risky for  your safety to not using the correct shoes for canyoning. As well for the harness and descender, it should be a canyoning harness and a canyoning descender.


Your wetsuit is really important as well because even you are in Bali or other Indonesia island with the 32 degrees temperature, the water can be 18 degrees. The canyon in Bali is really deep. You should absolutely use a canyoning wetsuit, and not a diving wetsuit or other wetsuit. Actually in the market, the very strong and perfect canyoning wetsuit is only Vade Retro wetsuit. Your life dependening on it. Wihout, hypothermia can be dangerous . The helmet should be with  mountaineering Normes (specification)

Also please be sure before starting the trip that: the company, the instructor or the guide who will bring you to your next trip; have an insurance (at least US$ 25.000/person) in case of a problem like being injured during the canyoning trip. If there is no insurance, you will not have any cover and it can be hard because if someone called to pick you up in the canyon, it will cost you a lot of money.

Finally the last thing is the rope. It has to be an absolutely semi static and ultra-resistant against abrasion, the best rope for Bali volcanic rope is KORDA’S. double check the rope and brand before your trip



If you covered by all of those requirements, the canyoning will be no danger, like Adventure & Spirit,  we have the only  rescue team on the Island, we are affiliated with ICOpro (our Owner is the Founder and CEO of ICOpro), safety is our top priority . At the end enjoy your trip and  make this journey the amazing experience that you will live in your life.


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