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Most wanted canyon trips of Adventure & Spirit consist of one canyon (called Kerenkali), divided in 3 specific part. Each part are adapted to anyone and any level. They allow discovering the various activities of canyoning and we promise you a lot of fun abseiling waterfalls, sliding on natural rocks, jumping and swimming in the canyon. Be ready to live a unique experience in Bali.

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Canyon Trekking Bali


These canyon trips are the favorite of Adventure & Spirit Team. Each has a special identity and takes you to another universe. They have all something exceptional depending on your preferences, aquatic, jungle, high vertical, long distance canyon, etc. It is made for those who want to go in absolutely non-commercial area of Bali. You will have to keep the spirit up as you will explore the unspoiled natureā€¦.

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Canyoning Team, Indonesian Canyoning Team


Experience the real adventure!
You will take an active part in our wilderness expeditions, working closely with our staff. This canyon is rarely visited and require bolting equipment, drill, new anchors, etc.
You will have to keep a strong spirit of Real Exploration.

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