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Canyoning History in Bali

Posted on 2016/11/25

There was no canyoning in Bali before 2009, all start when Mika Denissot & Robin Endro were travelling to Bromo & Kawah Ijen, when they were going down to Kawah Ijen, they saw a small gorge or a small canyon. Mika started doing canyoning when he was 15 years old and he decided to build and bring canyoning in Bali.

In the beginning was really hard because nobody knows about canyoning before, even the Balinese people thought it is really dangerous to go to the canyon, also because the canyon is sacred and nobody wanted to go inside and they think we were totally crazy to do that. At that time Mika & Robin just go through and started to explore some canyon in Bali, the first canyon to explore was Kalimudah canyon and also they started to bolt the canyon.



Mika & Robin decided to train some people and tried to find a canyoning organization but unfortunately there is no international canyoning organization exist to train people for canyoning like PADI or SSI who trained people for diving. In the same time Mika decided to create an organization for canyoning which it calls ICOpro – International Canyoning Organization for Professional.

That’s how ICOpro starts, which mean the canyoning in Bali is also being built at the same time with ICOpro. At this moment ICOpro has about 13.000 members all over the world in more than 112 countries and ICOpro has many center and Instructors that works very well. ICOpro gives training to the local instructor and some of them have a very high level so they are able also to teach either at their center or overseas.

In the period of the first three years was really hard as nobody and even the tour agent didn’t know what the canyoning activity is and how to sell it in the market so at that time Mika & Robin had to handle and guided people doing canyoning, also they invited people every single day to introduce what canyoning is and persuade people that it is not dangerous or extreme to do canyoning if you do it in a right way.

ICOpro has also created a philosophy of canyoning based on the sharing activity, sharing the fun, sharing the adventure in the right condition with the right equipment.

Until now Andventure & Spirit is the leader in canyoning activity in Indonesia and ICOpro is the leader of canyoning training course in the world.

Enjoy Canyoning trip in Bali and be sure you do it with Adventure & Spirit under ICOpro standard

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