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Location : Catur, north of Bali
Canyon Trip Category : Canyoning Trips Nature Lovers
Level Canyoning : (Beginner)
Physical Condition : (Be in excellent shape)
Canyoning Trip Duration : 1 Day
x12up to 23m
No jump
No Slide
No swim
16yo +


Minimum number of participants : 2
Maximum number of participants : 6
Number of instructor and assistant : 2
Canyoning trip duration : 1 day
ICOpro CAI training course : 30mn
Approching hiking : 45mn
Descent canyon : ~ 4h30
Return hiking : 30mn

Tamata has mainly vertical descents, located near Kintamani, practicable throughout the year. After a descent of 45 mns within a luxuriant jungle with several rappels, it is a sequence of several rappels along waterfalls (23m max) at one goes that will take you to Tamata gorge. High gorge of more than 70m, moss, tuff, sporty, unique and fantastic exploration. After a local meal, a jump at mid-way of the canyon – optional. Tour for autonomous participants and beginners of 18 years of age minimum in good shape. Descent: 4/5h, approach: 45 mn”s walk, return: 30mn”s walk by << Ojek Bali >> (small local motorbikes), you will enjoy splendid places in Bali. This tour is also an opportunity to discover Bali”s original, beautiful views of rice-fields when returning by Ojek to local village, but also discovery of LUWAK coffee making (non commercial place) (the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world). Tamata is more than a simple descent; it is an authentic trip in the bowels of Bali, the discovery of a wild and exceptional place where simplicity equals beauty.



Ps required
  • Be in good health
  • Able to walk and jungle trek
  • Good spirit of adventure
We Provide
  • Hotel/Return air conditioned transportation
  • Wet suit
  • Booties , Gloves
  • Technical Canyoning Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Harness and all technical gear
  • Light breakfast
  • Snack , Lunch , Water
  • Tea , Coffee
  • Supervision by ICOpro qualified instructor and assistant
  • ICOpro Canyoneer initiation Training course
  • ICOpro Card and affiliation member
  • CE PPE standard equipment only!
  • Professional Insurance up to $25 000
You Bring
  • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit
  • Change of clothes for after the trip
  • Waterproof camera if desired (i.e. GoPro)
  • High capacity memory card or USB to save your free photos (also available for purchase on site
  • PAYMENT VOUCHER, CASH, CREDIT CARD (3% transaction fee applicable)
  • Your sense of ADVENTURE and big spirit!
  • Each participant is required to provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg), and SHOE SIZE at the time of booking.