Canyon of Fire 

Combos & Hot Deals
Location : Wanagiri, north of Bali
Canyon Trip Category : Canyoning Trips Legendary
Level Canyoning : (Advanced)
Physical Condition : (Athlete)
Canyoning Trip Duration : 1,5 days / 1 night
x25up to 50m
up to 4m
up to 6m
up to 50m
18yo +


Minimum number of participants:1
Maximum number of participants:4
Number of instructor and assistant:2
Canyoning trip duration:1,5 day / 1 night
ICOpro CAI training course:30mn
Approching hiking:90mn
Descent canyon:8 – 10hrs
Return hiking:15mn

Forget with all you thingking about. This Canyon is The Legendary Descent in Bali. Its not a trip like other one. You will be a part of the team for a REAL EXPEDITION where drilling and new Bolting will be necessary. Half day training and preparation, 1 overnight in mountain, an early 1h of pure jungle trekking to reach the canyon. Then NO ESCAPE WAY during 9 to 10 hours. 25 rappels up to 30 m. Just be ready!



Ps required
  • Be in very good shape and good health and able to swim 50 m
  • No knowledge of sports and technical is required
We Provide
  • Free return transfer from your accommodation, anywhere in Bali
  • Light breakfast at our basecamp
  • Tasty lunch, H2O and on
  • trip snacks
  • Full canyoning equipment (helmets, shoes, socks, wetsuits, canyoning harness nad gloves >> optional)
  • Clean towel for a shower after trip
  • ICOpro canyoneer initiation certificate
  • Insurance up to US$ 25,000/pax
  • Videos available on
  • demand (extra fee applicable)
You Bring
  • Bathing suit to wear under the wetsuit
  • Change of clothes for after the trip
  • Waterproof camera if desired (i.e. GoPro)
  • High capacity memory card or USB to save your free photos (also available for purchase on site
  • PAYMENT VOUCHER, CASH, CREDIT CARD (3% transaction fee applicable)
  • Your sense of ADVENTURE and big spirit!
  • Each participant is required to provide AGE, HEIGHT (cm), WEIGHT (kg), and SHOE SIZE at the time of booking.