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CANYONS that we can pass in a few hours take thousands of years to become what they are today. The essence of life is actually the same as those contained in the valleys and canyons: «WATER».
Each canyon has a historical value that differs from one another; all have pure nature that makes each canyon unique (just like us, humans).
Going down and entering into a canyon is a journey in time space, but also the journey of our own lives (similar to someone who is exploring the hidden treasures of nature to be able to find his own identity).
We can be charmed by the beauty, the prettiness and the shapes of the canyons. What is important is not the final goal of being that canyon, but the process in being the canyon itself. (Because: Happiness is not a purpose in life, but the journey of life is the key of happiness). This also happens when we travel around the canyons.
The most beautiful and most intense moments are when we are inside of them. Our current attitudes and behavior when we are inside of them will determine how we could get out of the canyons. There are also sporty and challenging sides from canyons. It is not infrequently that nature experiences a very dramatic change, canyon which is on the previous day like a garden of Eden can turn into a living hell the next day (sometimes just like us too …). Everyone must know exactly the limits of each and must be able to say stop or not, if necessary. Although your safety is our top priority, but you are the one who must take responsibility for yourself. For it is only you who knows the extent to which limits the ability you have.
Then for the beginner. Going inside to the canyon (especially for the first time) is a real adventure. We never know what kinds of surprises await us inside, but once we step inside we rarely step back, so we must go forward (same as our life).
We can also meet the the ‘fun’ part, we jump, or slide on natural toboggans, we swim, sometimes it is similar to a natural water boom.
This is one of the reasons (of course there are other reasons too) why we travel in the canyon. Whether this is the first or the hundreds canyons trip that you do, every canyon that you enter will never be the same, especially in terms of enjoyment that you will encounter.

Below are the things that should be preserved and respected in canyoning activities in relation to everything we do.


    • We recommend that you go in the morning (in Indonesia, the days are very short, at 18 o’clock in the canyon is too dark)


    • Know your limits.


    • We may find the locals, the people who are taking a bath, fishermen in several locations of canyons, do not hesitate to greet them, respect one another, be patient and friendly.


    • Because water is very cold (including in Indonesia), complete your equipment well to avoid hypothermia.


    • We recommend that you give information to others, or to us, about which canyonsyou will enter, what time you will start and end, and how many people who participate in it. And let us also know when you get out of the canyon. (in Indonesia there is no rescue canyon team or hoist, for now this is only done by our team).


    • You should also study the condition of meteorology and the condition of canyonsitself for canyon configurations could be changed in minutes.


    • You should really equip and prepare yourself as well as possible. (if you lack of equipment or if you have any doubts, please contact us or come to our office)


    • Respect private places that you pass, ask for permission if necessary.


    • Follow all routes that have been determined.


    • Park your vehicle properly so that it will not disturb.


    • Do not throw anything into the water during the trip.


    • Respect the temples on the edges of river and the entrance to the canyon.


    • Take your trash, and you should also take the waste which is thrown by other people


    • Never start the trip from the spring, because this is where the water is the purest water and it is often used by local residents for their clean water and habitat contained in the water for life.


    • Use the maximum extent the possible existing equipment or natural equipment.


    • Do not disturb the existing animals.


  • Do not damage the trees around you.