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3 New Secret Waterfall in Bali

Posted on 2016/12/01

Bali has a lot of canyon that Adventure & Spirit has explored. Since 2009 we had explore the major canyons in Bali. Adventure & Spirit never stops and still continuing, trying to find an amazing place to offer you the best experience that you will have in your life.

We are now presenting you the 3 waterfalls in the new canyon that we have already found for in the future and these 3 waterfalls are still a secret and still undiscovered by others;

1. Angel’s light waterfall.



This waterfall is beautiful and has a big corridor, the height is about 35 m and the water is coming from the left and the right side which will make you going into a big corridor when you are rappelling down, you will not see anything but the lights and water. It is an amazing sensation that only canyoneer can feel when you are inside.

2. Shaman waterfall.




It’s a multi-tier waterfall with a 35 m height. To rappel down this waterfall, we have to use a belay at 15 m. It has a strong and a powerful water as well and the location is just after the Angel’s light. This waterfall is so amazing to open to the window of light and the scenery of the forest.

3. Charming waterfall



This waterfall is different than the 2 others of the canyon, you can see this amazing smooth and sweet waterfall which is easy to rapprel with only 12 m and still you can see it is an amazing place.

We are not only sharing our passion with you, we explore to offer you the best that Bali canyons can offer.

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